How Can Your Hero Story Empower Others

“Your hero story will empower others to become the heroes of their own story. 
Discover your super power and empower others.” 
Kerryn Bricknell Coaching

I remember sitting on the edge of my seat. Watching the 2017 Wonder Woman movie starring the gorgeous Gal Gadot.

I was mesmerised. Captivated. Enthralled. I felt a sense of true empowerment and freedom as I watched Wonder Woman use her superpowers – courage, wisdom, and strength to overcome evil. She radiated goodness, light and hope.

Everyone has a hero story either in the making or ready to tell. Why? We’ve all traversed some form of heartache, pain, trauma, hardship and challenge.

It’s how we make meaning to our hero stories which can determine the effectiveness of our superpowers in helping others to become the heroes in their stories.

My story is all about helping others to see their beauty and value and to help them to remember who they were created to be. Reconnecting with their identity, passions and gifts.

What’s your hero story? And how can it empower others?