Hey Beautiful Friends!

I’ve walked many roads, probably just like you…

Desiring to move on from my past story, emotions and triggers. I did not feel like I was moving forward. I felt hopeless and purposeless. I lost my authentic voice. I had packed away lost dreams and passions. My pain, disappointment and frustration from my past story became a stumbling block to my dreaming and living in my true potential. I had forgotten my childhood passions and gifts that set my heart on fire.

As a wife and mum of two adult children, and with over 30+ years professional career in marketing, PR, event management and TV production, life’s seasonal transitions brought about opportunities and success along with disappointments, pain, good-byes and new beginnings.

As a result, I’ve had to reinvent myself on many occasions. This has meant embracing lifelong learning, growth and change. I hit the magic milestone of 50 a few years back. It was a time to heal, embrace and celebrate the learnings from my past story to step into a new chapter in my life. To make this season count in a fresh way. I had to re-discover who I was and what I was created to do. To understand the WHY behind my story so that I could then empower others to live again, find their voice and discover the WHY to their story.

I’ve had to reinvent myself on many occasions.

My promise to you…

As a life coach my passion is to offer authentic warm and relational coaching to my clients. Through listening, being curious, asking those open ended questions to unearth stories, emotions and triggers that help you discover solutions so you can move forward into a whole new chapter.

I promise to champion your strengths, your dreams and empower, equip and challenge you to step into all you are meant to be.