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With a wealth of experience as a public speaker and presenter, Kerryn has built a credible reputation as a MC for corporate and not for profit events. These may include networking events, conferences, Gala dinners, meetings and Women’s events.

Her warm, authentic and relational style helps to build a strong connection with audiences. She is an excellent communicator who has a gift of helping an audience feel relaxed and engaged. She is vibrant and highly professional creating a confident energy to set the right tone for events. 

Kerryn has the ability to keep events on schedule, keeping guests and speakers well informed and supported, ensuring the program goes ahead without a hitch. 

In 2023, Kerryn will continue to take up the integral role of MC for SmartWomen Perth event. 

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Speaking and Presentations

Kerryn is a motivational speaker and an excellent effective communicator who has a gift of storytelling speaking from her passion, heart and experience. 

With extensive experience as a public speaking in various corporate and not for profit settings, Kerryn is able to confidently deliver her key messages with passion, energy and vibrancy. She engages with her audience and takes them on a journey of self discovery and keys to moving forward.

Kerryn’s speaking topics include

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Women’s Events

Her own story ignites a desire to inspire other women to rediscover their true identity and what passions and dreams sit within them so they live out a life of freedom and purpose.

Kerryn also conducts her own workshops including topics around menopause, mindfulness and relationships.

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Team Building Workshops

Her wealth of experience in Management and Team Leading over the past 30 years, has provided Kerryn with an excellent platform to facilitate leadership workshops for corporate and not for profit organisations. She recently conducted a Lego team building workshop for the RAH Group.

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