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Kerryn Bricknell Women's Life and Transformation Coach Australia
Kerryn Bricknell Women's Life Coach Australia

Hi, I’m Kerryn

Relentless encourager, faith builder, solution facilitator helping clients to heal and realise their TRUE potential and release their voice, reimagine their future self and achieve life changing outcomes.

This is what I’ve discovered…

Our past story can often be our stumbling block to living out a true potential.

Are you that person…

Kerryn Bricknell Women's Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Perth Australia

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Kerryn Bricknell Women's Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Australia

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Women's Life Coach Perth Australia
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Who do I help?

What I’ve discovered is that life isn’t meant to be done alone. I’m here to remind you of the gold that sits within you, realise your potential and release your voice, to run brave, step into courageous new places and live life to the full.

I love to cheer on women who are…


I’d love to be that person in your corner to empower you to…

Client Love

“Kerryn has a natural ability to coax out your own self discoveries, to discover root beliefs, ultimately to help formulate and implement a plan for action and growth. Having her in my corner is life changing.”

Nat, Solo Mum of 3, consultant

Life Coach Australia Kerryn Bricknell and Client Perth

1:1 Coaching

Let’s meet face to face or over zoom for 60 minute coaching sessions available in a number of package offerings that are designed just for you!

Kerryn Bricknell Women's Life Coach Coaching Walk

Coaching Walks

Let’s meet up on a 1:1 60 minute coaching walk along the coast, in the Hills or at your local park enjoying nature and exercise at the same time.

Kerryn Bricknell Public Speaking Motivational Speaker Australia

Speaking Presentations
& Workshops

Join me at my women’s workshops and seminars. Or book me for your next event as MC, Speaker or Facilitator.

I’ve come to celebrate
my past story.

My Story

I’ve been on a journey to understand who I am. I’ve been on a journey of healing so I can remember who I was created to be and the incredible gifts that sit within me that have or yet to meet their full potential.

It has unleashed the WHY behind who I am and how I can help others to remember who they are. I delight in empowering others to realise their potential and to find their voice. That brings meaning and purpose to my story and makes my journey even more incredible.

When it comes to the people in my life, I am all about encouragement, ease, rest, and strong meaningful connection. I am passionate to be the person alongside others to find their full potential.

I’ve come to celebrate
my past story.

Free 30 minute



Let’s journey this new chapter together!

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Get my FREE Journal, “The Mindfulness Journal”

And begin to build into remembering who you are and becoming the best version of who you are created to be.

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Want to hear more about my journey?

Listen to my episode on the the ‘I Believe on you’ podcast or catchup on my Instagram Lives! 

Mentoring with Lizelle Hartley Podcast Interview with Kerryn Bricknell Life Coach

Kerryn Bricknell

Coaching Community

It can be a lonely place when navigating life’s challenges. You may be in a place where you need some friendly connection, encouragement and some fresh perspective.

Join the many opportunities to connect into the Kerryn Bricknell Coaching community whether it’s 1:1, Coaching Walks or attending workshops or community catch ups to empower you to navigate life’s challenges.