When Your New Shoes aren’t the perfect fit…

I’ve dreamed about these shoes

Shoes to take me to places and opportunities I’ve held in my heart for so long

When I tried them on … let’s be honest 

They weren’t a perfect fit

But I knew they were for me

Saying that they felt a little oversized

I wore them on the first day, on my new adventure

I marvelled at their height and colour 

I delighted in them

Although they were a little uncomfortable

Occasionally I felt a rubbing sensation on my heel

My toes blistered and ached

Compared to my old ones, there was no flexibility or softness

Infact my old ones felt lighter on my feet

They knew where I needed to go

These ones…well I felt every step

I even tripped, taking new paths I have never traversed

They were painful


I returned home

Hurriedly took them off

My feet were a mess

Blisters peeking through

Splattered blood on my heels

Shaved skin

Had I made a mistake in buying these shoes?

It felt right at the time

They were what I had dreamed of

Why so much discomfort?

Suddenly I remembered . . .

I remembered how my old shoes felt when I put them on for the first time

The pain

The discomfort 

The frustration

And slowly over time we moulded together as one

As we became familiar with each other and the pathways we walked

Until it just felt right

So right

It’s then I knew my new shoes were going to be the perfect fit 


Kerryn Bricknell