How Can Your Hero Story Empower Others

“Your hero story will empower others to become the heroes of their own story.  Discover your super power and empower others.”  Kerryn Bricknell Coaching I remember sitting on the edge of my seat. Watching the 2017 Wonder Woman movie starring the gorgeous Gal Gadot. I was mesmerised. Captivated. Enthralled. I felt a sense of true […]

When Your New Shoes aren’t the perfect fit…

I’ve dreamed about these shoes Shoes to take me to places and opportunities I’ve held in my heart for so long When I tried them on … let’s be honest  They weren’t a perfect fit But I knew they were for me Saying that they felt a little oversized I wore them on the first […]

Capturing Special Moments

“Capturing the unexpected moments can provide perspective for what there is to hope for. Capturing the unseen moments can provide the possibilities of what we hoped for. Capturing seen moments can provide what can be achieved despite the challenge. You are stronger than you think!”  Kerryn Bricknell Coaching I love to capture special moments. I’m […]