Capturing Special Moments

“Capturing the unexpected moments can provide perspective for what there is to hope for.
Capturing the unseen moments can provide the possibilities of what we hoped for.
Capturing seen moments can provide what can be achieved despite the challenge.
You are stronger than you think!” 
Kerryn Bricknell Coaching

I love to capture special moments. I’m the annoying person in any group that makes everyone stop for a photo.

We had just returned from an adventure on the Gibb River Road. Well the adventure started before we even left I fell down the stairs rupturing ligaments in my left ankle. I heard bones crack and I froze thinking our planned adventure was all but over.

My Physio the amazing Steve saw it all from a different perspective. Yes, it was not a great injury to have but he believed with some care in the 10 days lead up and wearing a strong sturdy sports ankle brace I could still go on this trip and even do some of the hikes into the gorges. His belief, expertise and my diligence gave me hope.

Fast forward. My husband and I played a game on the trip whereby we needed to take photos of each other without us knowing at the time.

He captured me climbing over big boulders at Tunnel Creek. I had no idea he was taking the photos.

At the end of the day he showed me these with such pride of what I had achieved despite my injured ankle.

To be honest I get emotional looking at these photos. The possibilities were achieved despite the circumstances. My positive mindset had definitely played a big part in this accomplishment.

I want to encourage you. If you are in a dark place, a hard place… put the right people around you, be diligent in the healing and know you are stronger than you think!

Just maybe after climbing those boulders in your life you will be able to walk into the beauty of what you had hoped for.